Show Rules

2023 ZNA Carolina Koi Show Rules

  1. This is a hobbyist-only show. All fish must be owned by and accompanied by the registered entrant. Entries are open to all hobbyist members and hobbyist non-members of ZNA Carolina.
  2. There will be no limit on the number of entries per person.
  3. Entry fees for koi will be $75 for a show tank.
  4. The entrant of the fish must be present at the tank during benching (measuring and classification). The decision on how koi are benched is made by the benching team and show chair rather than the hobbyist.
  5. ZNA Carolina will take a color digital photo of each koi for benching and judging purposes.
  6. Each person should bring their own nets and tubs for handling their fish.
  7. We encourage vendors to use our show as a way to deliver pre-purchased koi to their new owners. Pre-purchased koi may enter the show if they are placed in pre-reserved, pre-paid hobbyist tank(s) and are kept separate from other koi the hobbyist brings from home. Pre-purchased koi must be placed in hobbyist show tanks by 5:00 pm on Friday. The intent is for hobbyists to take delivery of newly-purchased koi and take them home afterward. These koi may not have been shown previously at any koi show.
  8. Hobbyists are encouraged to purchase koi from vendors during the show. The hobbyist must be a member of a ZNA club. Newly purchased koi must be placed in vendor show tanks by 5:00 pm on Friday.
  9. All entries will be checked for injuries, parasites, and diseases. If found to be severely ill or injured, the fish will not be allowed to enter the show. Transport damage will not prevent entry into the show.
  10. Koi that have been exposed in any way to the koi herpes virus (KHV) are not eligible for this show and should NOT be transported to the show site. ZNA Carolina will enforce this rule to the best of its ability but must ultimately rely on the honesty and integrity of all exhibitors.
  11. The judges shall not view the tanks until the show chairman has removed the list of owners and indicates that the tanks are ready to be judged. At no time shall the name of the entrant be visible until after judging has been completed.
  12. No one other than the judges, club president, and show committee shall be in the inner display area while koi are being judged. Observers and entrants are permitted to watch the judging but are to refrain from any communications with the judges during judging. Video or audio recording of the judging is not permitted.
  13. All entries will be left on exhibit for the duration of the show unless a valid reason is given to the show committee to remove fish. Dismissal time is 1:00 pm on the Sunday of the show weekend unless prior permission is received from the show chair or committee.
  14. ZNA Carolina will take all reasonable precautions to safeguard entered fish but the owner will assume all risk and responsibility of their fish while at the show.
  15. The decision of the judges and or show chairman or committee will be final.
  16. Any contingencies not covered by these rules will be subject to the discretion of the show chair.
  17. Last year’s ZNA Carolina Grand Champion cannot compete in consecutive years for any prize.

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