2023 Koi Show Vendors

Meet the 2023 Koi Show Vendors


Wet Vendors will have koi and goldfish available for sale. In addition to live animals, these vendors will have pond equipment and accessories, koi food and more.

     Bristol Koi Farm – 2023 Platinum Sponsor
      • webpage
      • Florida
      • 561-414-6722 or 561-414-6711
      • Bristolkoifarm.com@gmail.com
     RNR Koi – 2023 Gold Sponsor
      • webpage
      • 2665 N. Brawley, Fresno, CA 93722
      • USA +1 559 905 5188
      • shop@rnrkoi.com
    USA Koi & AquaMeds – 2023 Silver Sponsor
      • webpage
      • 463 Fish Pond Road, Glassboro, NJ 08028

      • (856)-881-7088

      • sales@usakoi.com
    Champion Nishikigoi – 2023 Silver Sponsor
      • webpage
      • 3395 Keaton Loop, San Jose, CA 95121
      • 408-528-0821
      • champkoi@champkoi.com
   Fish Corner
      • Goldfish
      • Greensboro, NC
      • GChusakul@aol.com

Dry Vendors will have koi and pond related goods for sale. Most are local to North Carolina and we hope you will consider them for future purchases.

  • Koi Swag is the Premier Dry Vendor sponsor and supplier of the official 2023 ZNA Carolina Koi Show T-Shirt. Koi Swag is an apparel and accessories brand designed to bring the Japanese koi culture to all.  Website: www.koiswag.com
  • Koi Kitschy is the original koi show pop-up vendor. For the most “kawaii” koi stuff, visit their booth next to USAKoi.
  • Nijikawa and other pond goods are available through Jame Lu.
  • IQTek offers intelligent online water monitoring systems for koi ponds. Use high tech to ensure the highest water quality for your champion koi. Website: https://koi.iqtek.io
  • Aquatic Veterinary Services. Dr. Jessie Sanders, DVM, CertAqV is the owner and chief veterinarian of Aquatic Veterinary Services. In her book “How to Kill Your Koi”, Dr. Jessie Sanders shows you how to take care of your koi so they live long and healthy lives-without breaking the bank on expensive food, equipment, and veterinary care. Website: https://cafishvet.com
  • Star Ridge Aquatics, LLC is a premier water garden nursery and supply center. Specializing in all things for water garden, aquatic plant, koi & goldfish needs.