2022 Koi Show Schedule

Wednesday, May 11

10:00am:    Setup begins

Thursday, May 12

09:00am:    Setup continues

05:00pm:    Setup complete

Friday, May 13

09:00am:    Vendor setup and sales (until 5:00pm)

12:00pm:    Benching begins

06:00pm:    Benching ends

06:30pm:    Vendor/Volunteer dinner

Saturday, May 14

08:30am:    Last minute benching (with approval)

09:00am:    Vendor sales (until 5:00pm)

09:30am:    Deadline for vendor koi purchase for show entry

10:00am:    Benching ends

11:00am:    Start of Judging

12:30pm:    Food truck arrives (stays until 3:30pm)

06:00pm:    Banquet cocktail and social hour

07:00pm:    Banquet dinner, auction, raffles, awards

09:00pm:    Banquet ends

Sunday, May 15

09:00am:    Vendor sales (until 1:00pm)

10:00am:    Judges walk-through

01:00pm:    Vendors and Exhibitors dismissed

01:00pm:    Tear-down begins